Honda Recalls Nearly 250,000 Odyssey Minivans For Fire Hazard

Honda Recalls Nearly 250,000 Odyssey Minivans for Fire Hazard


Honda is recalling nearly 250,000 Odyssey minivans due to the possibility that Odyssey minivans manufactured from 2018-2020 may experience an electrical short that could lead to a fire in the third row. There have been three incidents of a fire resulting from an exposed wire causing an electrical short. Honda will notify owners about the recall starting March 16.

There are approximately 241,339 potentially affected minivans in the United States according to a document filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The problem could occur if the wire harness for the power outlet in the third row becomes pinched, damaging the wires, which can lead to an electrical short and potentially a fire. Three fires have been reported to date, but no injuries, according to Honda’s chronology of the defect filed with NHTSA.

The fix for the recall is to use protective tape if the wire is undamaged, but if it is damaged, the dealer will replace it. The bulk of the recall covers vans built in 2018 and 2019, around 100,000 for each model year. Dealers were notified last week, and owners will be notified starting March 16. Odyssey owners can check the NHTSA recall website for more details or check Honda’s own recall website.

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