Motorcyclist Critically Injured In Crash On US1 In South Miami

Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Crash on US1 in South Miami

According to a police report issued by the Miami-Dade Police Department, the accident in question occurred when a motorcyclist was headed west on US1 in South Miami. The man on the motorcycle was struck by a gray Toyota Camry after the driver of the Camry had made an illegal U-turn on US1 just before the impact. Emergency first responders swiftly arrived on the scene to assist the man and treat his injuries. The man was transported to the nearest hospital and is currently being treated for his injuries. The driver of the gray Camry was not injured in the collision. The names of the driver and motorcyclist involved in the collision have not been released as the Police Department is currently conducting an event investigation as to the cause of the accident.

Motorcycle Passenger Safety

If you own a motorcycle or you want to share your motorcycle with a passenger, it is important to make sure you follow safety precautions to avoid injury to your passenger in the event of an accident. Passengers have legal rights under the law and in Florida there are certain features and safety measures you must take before having a passenger join you on your motorcycle. Prudent and responsible motorcyclists should abide by these laws. Below you will find a short guide with safety tips for motorcycle owners who want to protect the lives of their passengers.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Passengers

1. It is important to remember that when you are riding with a passenger on a motorcycle, the motorcycle will behave differently when you are out riding. For example, the steering will be vastly different due to the added weight.

2. You shouldn’t let your passenger ride with you without wearing protective gear. Always remember to make sure you provide your passenger with a helmet and eye protection when they ride with you as a passenger. If the passenger brings their own motorcycle helmet, check it out to make sure the fit is correct to avoid it from slipping out while riding.

3. Did you know that in the state of Florida, the law requires motorcycle passengers to have a footrest? Make sure that if you have a passenger ride with you on your motorcycle, you make sure they have a footrest to place their feet on.

4. Seating is another important feature that your motorcycle must have in order to accommodate any passengers. In Florida, the law mandates that all motorcycle passengers have their own place to sit on a motorcycle and the seat must be firmly attached to the motorcycle.

5. Prudent motorcycle owners should provide some safety tips to their passengers before having them ride. For instance, it’s a good idea to advise passengers to consider the type of clothing they are going to wear before going for a ride. For example, you may want to recommend that the passenger keep his or her arms, legs feet and ankles fully covered. The passenger should also have gloves that cover his or her hands entirely.

6. Give instructions to the passenger on how to mount, sit on, and dismount from a motorcycle. Additionally, explain to the passenger how they should lean when turning a corner. This will allow the passenger to develop a sense of comfort and will make them feel more at ease during the ride.

Speak with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today!

When passengers ride your motorcycle, they are essentially putting their life in your hands and it is your duty to take steps to protect your life and their life as well. Our firm has represented injury victims and their families throughout the State of Florida for over 19 years. Our lawyers have the thorough knowledge, know-how, and experience in handling motorcycle accident cases, and we have a full understanding of just how complex these cases can be. The damages that can be recovered in a motorcycle accident claim or lawsuit are designed to help cover the expense of medical treatment, medication, and absence from work. At Suarez and Montero, our policy is that if you don’t recover compensation, you won’t pay any fees for our services. Not to mention, we also provide free case consultations where we assess the circumstances surrounding your case and give you an objective overview of what steps you can take going forward if you decide to act against the at-fault party. For over 19 years, we have delivered quality legal representation  for people who, through no fault of their own, have been injured in all types of motorcycle accidents. We are available 24/7 to give you a free, no risk case consultation.

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