Overturned Truck Shuts Down Southbound Lane At NW 74th Street On Florida’s Turnpike

Overturned Truck Shuts Down Southbound Lane at NW 74th Street on Florida’s Turnpike

Source: News.yahoo.com

A major Miami-Dade highway was shut down Monday after a truck rolled over and spilled “hazardous” materials onto the roadway, authorities said. The southbound lanes of Florida’s Turnpike near NW 74th Street in Doral are still shut down following the spill. Commuters should expect heavy delays before Okeechobee, authorities said.

According to Florida Highway Patrol officials, the truck was carrying hazardous materials when it overturned in the southbound lanes of Florida’s Turnpike near NW 74th street. Clearance efforts are currently in effect. As of 8 p.m. Monday, major traffic delays were reported as crews worked to clear the area.

Hazardous Materials Spills

Truck accidents that result in the spill or leakage of hazardous materials can cause harmful damage to the environment and residential property. They can also injure anyone who comes into contact with the contaminated material. The impact of a hazardous materials spill may also range far beyond those persons injured in a collision with a truck carrying hazardous substances. Hazmat spills are easily capable of displacing large blocks of communities for indefinite periods of time as experts work to mitigate the effects of a waste spill and ensure that residents are safe to return to their homes and businesses.

Companies that operate tanker trucks that transport hazardous materials should be held liable for any of the following when it results from the improper storage or transport of toxic cargo. Transporting toxic chemicals, gasoline, or other hazardous cargo represents a significant risk to the environment and the safety of individuals who are exposed to these materials near a spill or leak. The damages incurred during a hazardous material spill can be serious. It is important to remember that multiple parties may be found responsible for the spill and that recovery may be impacted by many different factors.

Some of the issues that may impact the monies levied for damages include: The cost of all medical care immediately following the accident as well as any care that is required in the future. Subsequent treatments may include physical therapy, intervention by mental health professionals, acupuncture, or treatment for a chronic condition. The value of any property lost due to a tanker truck accident. This could include a drop-in property value, motor vehicle damage, and other personal belongings. Financial burdens levied on victims as a result of a tanker truck collision or hazmat spill. Victims may be unable to work, lose future income, incur costs due to the need to relocate temporarily or permanently, or suffer serious property damage.

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