Police Investigate Fatal Car Crash In Coral Gables

Police Investigate Fatal Car Crash in Coral Gables

Police are investigating a fatal car crash that took place early Monday morning in Coral  Gables. According to officials, one vehicle was traveling southbound on US1 when it tried  to make a left turn onto sunset drive. Another vehicle that had been traveling northbound  crashed violently into the turning car. Police confirmed that one of the drivers had been  pronounced dead. Officials believe speed could have been a factor in the severity of the  crash. Traffic was shut down on US1 as Miami-Dade police conducted their investigation.  The identity of the victim has not yet been released. 

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating Your Insurance Claim 

Insurance disputes arise at the very time that policyholders need coverage the most— after the loss. Even if a denial is not an insurance companies’ goal, by playing the denial  game, it can achieve something almost as advantageous or lengthy by their delay in  paying out on the insurance claim. The longer an insurance company can hold onto their  money, the better off it is for them. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when  negotiating an auto accident claim.  

Accept a Quick Settlement of Your Claim: The first mistake many clients make is  believe the insurance adjuster when they tell you the most the insurance company is  willing to pay for your claim. Keep in mind that although the insurance adjuster has a duty  to act in good faith, they are at odds against you when it comes to your auto accident  claim. The more money they pay out to you, the more it hurts their employer financially.  Even when an adjuster says it is their final offer, there is usually a way to get a higher  settlement amount.

Giving the Adjuster a Settlement Range: Oftentimes, you may have an adjuster ask  you for a fair settlement range. If you decide to provide an exact number or a range of  numbers, you are jeopardizing your auto accident claim. This is because you are setting  your own ceiling for the maximum potential settlement that can be obtained in your claim.  An adjuster will take notes on this and this will potentially limit the amount of money that  will be put aside to pay your claim. Instead, if you must provide a range, aim for a number  that is much higher than what you would expect.  

Telling the Adjuster That You Need Money Urgently: Another mistake that is common  is telling an insurance adjuster that you are in desperate need of the settlement money  due to vehicle damage or injuries. You can be sure that the adjuster will write this down  in their notes and will keep this in mind when negotiating your claim. They may offer you  a low settlement figure because they may believe that you are willing to accept a low  settlement offer to have the funds disbursed sooner. 

Being Rude To The Adjuster: During the claims process, it is important to stand strong  and be firm but being rude and disrespectful is not going to get you anywhere with an  insurance adjuster. Be informed and know your rights but don’t be rude. 

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