Senate Floats Bill To Shield COVID-19 Doctors From Legal Action

Senate Floats Bill to Shield COVID-19 Doctors from Legal Action

The U.S. senate has introduced a bill that would create the Facilitating Innovation to Fight Coronavirus Act. The legislation would protect health care providers from federal, state and local civil liability if they are testing or treating coronavirus patients and use a medical device for an unapproved use; practice outside of their specialty but under the instruction of an individual who is licensed in that specialty; or provide care outside of the premises of a standard health care facility.

In ERs and ICUs across the US, doctors and nurses are fighting this virus one day at a time. If enacted, the bill would add to the legal protections already put in place by the massive $2 trillion stimulus package the president signed into law on Friday. The bill was introduced hours before the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced late Monday that it had granted a broad, temporary waiver of an array of regulations in order to allow health care providers to respond quickly to a surge in COVID-19 patients.

CMS said the temporary changes will allow hospitals and health care systems to provide patient care at off-site locations in order to allow COVID-19 patients to be treated at a main facility, and permits hospitals to triage patients at community-based locations such as surgical centers that are no longer performing elective surgeries, hotels and dorms.

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