Tow Truck Driver Causes Rollover Crash In NW Miami-Dade

Tow Truck Driver Causes Rollover Crash in NW Miami-Dade

According to a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Police Department, a rollover crash involving a tow truck and a pick-up truck in NW Miami-Dade left two men injured. The crash transpired when a tow truck driver smacked into a Ford F150 pick-up truck at the intersection of NW 32ND Street and 22nd Avenue in City of Miami, Florida. The impact from the crash caused the Ford pick-up to roll over along with the tow truck. One of the trucks crashed into a parked vehicle causing additional damage. Thankfully, the driver of the Ford F150 pick-up truck sustained minor injuries. The driver of the tow-truck sustained serious injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. The crash occurred on Saturday October 3, 2020 around 9am. An investigation into the cause of the crash is still ongoing.

Rollover Accidents in South Florida

Every year, thousands of car crashes involving serious injuries and deaths are caused by negligent drivers. In a vast majority of motor vehicle accidents, it is easy to figure out which driver is at fault for the crash. However, there are some wrecks where the issue of liability becomes problematic. In either situation, it is always preferred that the driver of the other vehicle is fully insured. Additionally, after a car wreck, you may be unsure about whether you should pursue a claim through your own insurance carrier or file a claim with the other driver’s insurance carrier. Even if the other driver involved in your crash is insured, there may still be some difficulty in proving fault and determining liability and the availability of insurance coverage. If your car accident claim is being fully or partially denied or if the adjuster handling the claim is requesting additional time to review your claim, there are a few issues you should be aware of. One issue that may come up  is that the adjuster and insurance company may have reason to believe that their insured fits into any of the specific categories or circumstances that are excluded under their liability insurance policy. Insurance companies are in the business of making money. Make no mistake about that. They fight hard to hold onto their money and pay out as little as possible. Occasionally, however, insurance company employees and adjusters’ step over the line in order to maximize profits. If you feel that your insurance company has stepped over this line, contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys for help. There are some types of personal injury cases that should not be settled without the help of an attorney and others you may be able to handle yourself. The advantage of using a personal injury attorney is that he or she is going to be able to evaluate how much your claim is worth and negotiate with the insurance company. This will likely improve your chances of obtaining a full settlement from the insurance company.

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