Vehicle Slams Into House Near Fort Lauderdale; Man Taken To Hospital

Vehicle Slams into House Near Fort Lauderdale; Man Taken to Hospital

According to a spokesperson for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, a 56-year-old man was taken to the hospital after a woman rammed her vehicle into the man’s single-story home near Fort Lauderdale on Sunday night. Police officials said that the driver was headed down an intersection nearby when she failed to stop at the stop sign, proceeded across the median and rammed into a man’s home crashing into his living room. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department quickly arrived on the scene of the accident along with Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue to take the man to the hospital. The man is now in critical condition. The crash victim’s name has not been released. Police quickly shut down the road for a few hours on Sunday evening to investigate the accident scene, but it has since been reopened. The crash remains under investigation, no further details were released.

Checklist of Records to Obtain After a Crash

Obtaining proper records and information after an accident is very important. Failure to obtain all the right documents and information can hurt your motor vehicle accident claim. This is because the success of your claim will vary depending on your ability or your attorney’s ability to gather enough evidence to prove your claim against the responsible driver. After a crash, you will need to prove two main things in order to obtain compensation: fault and damages. Again, the best way to strengthen your claim is to obtain evidence in the form of photos, medical records, bills, police report, medical evaluations, etc. When you reach the settlement stage of your claim, it is much easier to prove your damages when you have organized clear evidence to support your claim. In most accident cases, documents and reports can serve as the best kind of evidence. This checklist lists 3 vital pieces of information you will need to obtain after a car accident:

Police Report: When a police officer arrives at the scene of a crash, they are going to assess the situation and prepare a traffic crash report that details the scene of the crash. The report may  include notes about liability or information on how the accident was caused. This report will likely contain information that will become crucial in any insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. To get a copy of the police report related to your car accident, you should contact your local police department or simply have your car accident attorney handle it. The police report will likely include the following information: the date and location of the crash (i.e. intersection, or approximate street address with closest cross streets); names of the drivers involved, and the name of the police officer who came to the scene of the crash and prepared the report.

Medical Records

If you were hurt in the traffic accident, it is a good idea to get checked out by your physician at least as a precaution. If you were badly injured, you likely went to the emergency room or had to get some type of medical care. If this is the case, it is very important to make sure you get copies of all your medical records and billing information related to your treatment. If you received medical treatment at one of the larger hospitals, you may need to contact their medical billing and records department for assistance in getting your records. This entire process could take days or weeks depending on how busy the medical records department is at the hospital where you received your treatment. Depending on the severity of the injury sustained and your specific treatment plan, you may need to locate and request medical records for: emergency medical services, hospital admission, treatment provided by primary physician, prescription medications, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and other health care providers and specialists.

Vehicle Damage Estimates: If your car was badly damaged or even totaled in a car wreck the accident, as part of any insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, you will likely be entitled to compensation to get your vehicle repaired or replaced. To do this, you will need to provide proof of the damage to your vehicle and in some cases, the value of your vehicle if it was totaled in the accident. The specific provisions of your insurance policy will dictate the outcome of any property damage claim you file. However, any information, proof, and documentation that you can provide to support your demand will go a long way in negotiating the value of your claim with an adjuster.

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At Suarez & Montero, our team of attorneys can work with you every step of the way, offering the expert legal guidance you need to win your case. We will take care of all legal matters that relate to your claim or lawsuit and develop the best legal strategy for your individual case to ensure the successful recovery. We will not rest until we have developed and presented the most persuasive argument possible, and ensure you receive fair and just compensation for your damages. After being involved in a car accident, the last thing you want to think about is filing a lawsuit. However, you deserve compensation for your injuries and property damage. A consultation appointment takes less than an hour in most cases, and if you have unrecovered losses, it could wind up being one of the best investments of your time that you’ll ever make. Our attorneys are ready to provide proven legal representation and stand ready to protect your rights. We are available 24/7 to give you a free, no risk case consultation!

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