VW Recalls 106,000 Beetles To Replace Takata Airbags

VW Recalls 106,000 Beetles to Replace Takata Airbags

According to a spokesperson for Volkswagen, the German auto manufacturer is issuing  a recall that affects 106,000 Volkswagen vehicles. The recall will affect Beetle coupes  and convertibles manufactured from 2012 through 2014 model years. The recall is being  done to replace potentially dangerous Takata driver side airbags that may rupture during  deployment and spray metal fragments that could injure or kill vehicle passengers. Over  time, the propellant in the driver-side airbag inflator could degrade due to exposure to  high humidity and temperatures. If this occurs, the inflator could explode if the airbag  deploys. The specific driver-side airbags installed in the recalled Beetles don’t currently  pose an unreasonable risk to vehicle occupants, according to documents provided by  NHTSA, but testing shows they may become more dangerous as they age. As a result,  Volkswagen is replacing the airbags now before they become a more serious safety  concern. So far, there have not been any crashes or injuries related to these specific  airbags. To be specific, the vehicles affected are the Volkswagen Beetle coupes  manufactured from Feb. 17, 2011 through July 3, 2014 and the Volkswagen Beetle  convertibles manufactured from Dec. 29, 2011, through July 2, 2014. Volkswagen will  contact owners of affected vehicles via first-class mail starting in February. Dealerships  will replace the airbags with new units that feature a different design free of charge.

Product Liability Claims Involving Defective Vehicles 

In the state of Florida, the manufacturer, retailer, or other distributor of a defective product  may be liable for any harm to persons or property caused by the product. To recover  under a strict product liability claim, the plaintiff must plead and prove that the product  was defective, the defect existed at the time the product left the defendant’s control, and  the defect caused the plaintiffs injuries when the product was used in an intended or  reasonably foreseeable way. A product is defective when at the time that it is sold it  contains a manufacturing defect or a design defect or inadequate instructions or warnings  about the product. A manufacturing defect is defined as a deviation from what the  manufacturer intended the product to be that causes harm to a plaintiff. The test for the  existence of such a defect is whether the product conforms to the defendant’s own  specifications. On the other hand, a design defect is evaluated in a different manner. In  Florida, a design defect can be determined using either the consumer expectation test or  the risk utility test. In Florida, both tests may be applied. The consumer expectation test  asks whether the product includes a condition not contemplated by the ordinary consumer  that is unreasonably dangerous. On the other hand, the risk utility test asks, “do the risk  posed by the product outweigh its benefits”. Under the risk utility test, the plaintiff must  prove that a reasonable alternative design was available to the defendant and the  defendant failed to use that design rendering the product not reasonably safe.  

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