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Pre-existing Conditions and Your Personal Injury Claim

There are few worse times to suffer a severe injury than after already suffering an injury. Those with pre-existing injuries can easily find themselves involved in serious accidents.  These pre-existing conditions can worsen exponentially and cause significant damage to  those that suffer additional injuries. By asserting a claim for personal injuries, you are  putting your pre-accident health history at issue. If a lawsuit is necessary, pre-accident  medical records will need to be turned over to the insurance company’s lawyers. What  does your pre-accident health history have to do with the disposition of your personal  injury claim? The following four scenarios explain why your pre- accident health history is  relevant: 

The eggshell plaintiff. Someone may have a preexisting condition that renders him  more susceptible to injury. For instance, osteoarthritis would render the bones of an elderly driver more brittle and vulnerable to fracture or serious injury. However, he is no  less entitled to full and fair compensation for injuries sustained in the accident even  though he was peculiarly susceptible to injury because of decalcified bones. An analogy  may be helpful to demonstrate the rights of an eggshell plaintiff to compensation:  Consider a commercial truck loaded with hundreds of crates of eggs being transported  from a rural farm to a retail outlet. The truck is rear-ended by an intoxicated motorist going  80 miles per hour. In an instant, the crates of eggs have been transformed to a huge  mess. Not one egg survives the collision. In a claim by the owner of the eggs against  the intoxicated motorist, the measure of damages is the value of all the eggs. It is no  defense that the eggs were by nature brittle and fragile.  

Resolved preexisting conditions: A victim who asserts a claim for whiplash may have  had a similar cervical spine injury in the past. The earlier injury should not create a  problem in resolving the current claim if symptoms from the earlier accident have been  resolved. Resolution of symptoms from the earlier accident would be demonstrated by  medical records and the absence of evidence that symptoms from the earlier accident  continued to persist.  

Unresolved preexisting conditions: The burden is on you, the claimant, to prove that  the other party is both responsible for the accident and that the injuries about which you  complain were caused by the accident. Failure to establish causation is fatal to your claim.  The insurance company will have physicians at its disposal to review pre- and post accident medical records to determine whether evidence exists to defeat your contention  that the accident was the cause of your injuries.  

Exacerbation of preexisting conditions: In personal injury claims, the burden is usually  on the plaintiff to distinguish between preexisting injuries and injuries caused by the  accident at issue. Obviously, input from your treating physician is helpful to explain how  the trauma of the accident aggravated or worsened a preexisting condition or how the  symptoms caused by the accident are greater or different than those experienced prior to  the accident.  

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