Road Debris

When Road Debris Cause Car Accidents

Road debris can be a factor in causing car accidents. Road debris can consist of fallen  trees, deep puddles, exploded tires and car parts, forgotten construction barriers and  many other types of safety hazards. In fact, road debris and safety hazards cause hundreds if not thousands of motor vehicle accidents in Miami and Broward each year. In  this blog post, we will discuss road debris and safety hazards and explain how they can  cause car accidents in South Florida.  

What Happens When Road Debris Cause a Car Accident?  

It is generally recognized that street intersections are places of danger which require  those who traverse them to exercise care commensurate with the circumstances and  surrounding conditions. Vegetation growing along the roadside or on abutting property  can pose special, and sometimes unrecognized, hazards to drivers. In particular, foliage  has the capacity to reduce driver sight distance at curves and intersections and to obscure  signs. When vision at an intersection is obstructed, the intersection becomes a place of  particular danger requiring extra vigilance and caution on the part of drivers using the  intersection. When an accident occurs at such an intersection, there may be driver  negligence for failure to exercise the appropriate degree of care under the circumstances.  However, an injured party may also seek to hold an abutting property owner or a  governmental entity liable for negligently failing to adequately trim the vegetation. In some  cases, the injured person may bring suit against the driver whose negligence allegedly  caused the accident, and the driver may therefore bring a third-party claim against a  landowner or municipality alleging that its failure to trim vegetation caused or contributed  to the accident. A private property owner who allows vegetation on property abutting an  intersection to obscure the vision of drivers approaching the intersection may have no  duty to remedy these conditions. The insulation of such property owners from tort liability  is a consequence of the traditional rule that the possessor of land is under no affirmative  duty to remedy conditions of purely natural origin upon his land. This common-law rule  originated in times when much land remained unclear and any duty placed upon a  landowner to cut or remove vegetation on their property would have been an onerous  one. 

Factors That Help Establish Liability in Car Accidents Caused By Road Debris The following is a list of factors which may be relevant in establishing liability on the part  of a property the owner for causing or permitting the existence of an obstruction to visibility  on land adjacent to an intersection:  

  • Location and nature of intersection 
  • Angles at which streets intersect 
  • Nature and volume of traffic on intersecting streets 
  • Existence of traffic signs or signals at or near intersection 
  • Lighting and weather conditions at time and place of accident 
  • Defendant’s relationship to land on which obstruction was located
  • Degree of development of general area in which intersection is located
  • Amount of land possessed by defendant 
  • Amount of vegetation on defendant’s land 
  • Size and type of the adjacent roadway 
  • Amount of traffic on the roadway 
  • Nature of obstruction to visibility at intersection 
  • Whether defendant exercised care in maintaining vegetation 
  • Whether obstruction is obvious to persons on defendant’s land 
  • Whether obstruction is obvious to motorists approaching intersection
  • Whether obstruction became unreasonably dangerous through deterioration
  • Extent of time during which obstruction existed

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