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Understanding Car Insurance in Florida

Auto insurance is a fact of life for most people. Even if you never get in an accident or file  a claim, it’s crucial that you buy the right insurance. Having the right policy gives you  some peace of mind and at least some reassurance that if you happen to be involved in  a car crash. What are the basic components for insurance, and how much coverage do  you need? In this blog post, we will provide you with a quick overview.  

Personal Injury Protection 

When shopping for insurance, the first thing you need to know is what your state minimum  requirements are. For instance, some states require that you carry insurance that will help  you pay your medical bills resulting from an accident, regardless of whether you are at  fault. This coverage is called personal injury protection or PIP and it is a required  insurance in the state of Florida. PIP insurance is also known as no-fault insurance because payouts are not determined by who is responsible. Even when you’re not at fault,  your PIP insurance can be tapped to cover your medical bills and work loss and those of  your passengers. PIP can cover everything from medical and surgical treatment to  ambulance fees and rehabilitation, up to the limits of the policy. PIP, like almost all the  components of auto insurance, varies in benefits and coverage according to which state  you are in. In Florida, for instance, PIP insurance covers 80 percent of your medical bills  and 60 percent of your lost wages up to $10,000.  

Bodily Injury Liability  

Bodily injury liability is the most important and expensive part of your auto insurance  policy. It covers the medical costs for people you injure when an accident is your fault. It  doesn’t cover your own injuries or expenses, but it can be a buffer when the accident is  particularly bad. Bodily injury liability coverage also ensures you get a lawyer to defend  you, and it pays to settle that case for one person or a group of people. Sometimes your  policy liability limits are listed with three numbers, such as 30/60/15. When you see that,  the third number represents the limit on the coverage for property damage, including cars,  buildings, or other nonhuman losses. Other policies list property damage liability as a  separate component. Some states don’t require BI, and many people don’t carry it. It’s a  calculated risk; these people figure that if they cause an accident, the other guy won’t be  able to collect from them because they don’t have any money and drive a beater car. The  debtor laws in Florida protect people who owe money. Not having insurance, when you  are uncollectible, isn’t such a terrible option. Of course, if you are uninsured and you are  hurt by someone who is uninsured, then you are both out of luck.  

Uninsured Motorist Protection 

In addition to protecting yourself when you cause an accident, you also must protect  yourself when an at-fault driver carries insufficient insurance to cover the damages they  cause you to suffer. This type of insurance is called uninsured motorist (UM) or  underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage, and it’s the flip side of bodily injury insurance.  Most states require that you first get bodily injury (BI) coverage before you can purchase  UM/UIM. Each state treats UM and UIM differently. Some make it stackable, so it pays  off in addition to other coverages. In Florida, UM and UIM are treated the same, which  means it does not matter if the other driver is totally uninsured or just underinsured. Both  UM and UIM are simply in addition to whatever the defendant has in total coverage. If an  at-fault driver has $10,000 of BI coverage, and my client has $100,000 in UM/UIM  coverage, then the total coverage, in this case, would be $110,000. 

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